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Expanding Human Capacity (6-Week Training)


Are you looking to expand your human capacity? What if you could expand your ability to have better focus, more energy and tap into your inner drive? We all want to be successful professionally and personally and this training is designed to help you build a bigger container to do so. You will learn how to manage stress and focus the mind; you will develop eating habits to build peak energy and you will design a movement plan that allows you to have greater fitness and stamina. This is the first time that "Capacity Training" is open to the public in this rare 6-week course.

This experiential training offers a clear, workable solution for leaders functioning in the real world: there are three performance pillars you must have to succeed—-FOCUS | ENERGY | DRIVE

 The Capacity training is designed to drive behavior change and create action. 


 Key Learning Outcomes:

  • Learn what top performers need to produce their very best work
  • Discover the biggest factor influencing your FOCUS, ENERGY and DRIVE
  • Prevent burnout and stimulate innovation by allowing yourself to have a bigger container
  • Adopt a strategy of expanding capacity to exceed your high-performance goals

"CAPACITY is your secret weapon to winning the PERFORMANCE war."

This is the next big paradigm shift in leadership development—it is not information or talent that wins, it is whoever has the largest CAPACITY that will win.

Online and In-Person

*limited to 20 In-Person

Instructor: Matt Johnson

Matt Johnson Capacity Training

Date and time:


Start: 1/7 (Tuesday)

 1/7, 1/14, 1/21, 1/28, 2/4, 2/12 (Wednesday)

Time: 5:00-6:30PM


  • Training Manual
  • Capacity Book
  • Target to Table Cookbook
  • On Target Living- APP (1-YR access ) $189 value

Capacity Manual

211 Harrier Drive
Bath, MI 48808


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