As an OTL member, your loyalty is appreciated and rewarded with exclusive perks. We understand you have many other options for purchasing and we want to reward you for supporting us on our mission:

To transform the health & performance of humans one-person and one-organization at a time.

Each of our three OTL ZONES : ORANGE to YELLOW to GREEN delivers an added level of exclusivity and rewards.

Each year, you earn status based on your annual spending. If you are to reach a tier in the current year you will be enrolled instantly and automatically for the next calendar year.

(For example: if you hit the GREEN tier in June, you will be GREEN for the remainder of that year and the entire next year even without spending another $.)


All first-time buyers will automatically be enrolled into our loyalty program starting in the orange zone.  This means you have taken initial steps to purchase from us and lead yourself down a road of vibrant health. One benefit while being in orange zone is you will receive free OTL Essential products in each package coming from our Michigan warehouse. The BEST benefit of being in orange zone is you decided to purchase from The Leading Authority to Small Steps to Healthy Living© and we will be here every step of the way for you and your family. Call, text, email or stop in, we are here to help.


After purchasing $500 from our shop in a calendar year, you will be stepping your game up into the yellow zone. This means you as a shopper have started to implement the small steps needed to feel your best.  The biggest added benefit of the yellow zone is receiving FREE shipping on every single order you place. We also decided that since your day of birth is important to us, you will receive a discount coupon code on your birthday as a gift.  Yellow membership is very easy to obtain ($1.37 per day) and the benefits are amazing!


GREEN ZONE is the ultimate membership with On Target Living. GREEN ZONE is earned when you spend $1200 with us in a calendar year. We want every single customer to reach GREEN ZONE. Green zone customers will earn all perks plus EXCLUSIVE CONTENT.  Once arriving into the green zone, a bonus $50 store credit will be awarded to you. This is our way of saying thank you to our best customers and remember this can all happen by spending less than $3.30 a day with On Target Living!

If you are new to OTL and want into GREEN ZONE right now, click the button below.