Ambassador Training - 3.5 Day

Ready to make your dreams a reality, make a living doing what you love and transform your life? Then it’s time to learn the secrets for unlocking human potential, transforming lifestyles and expanding capacity for yourself and the people you serve. This training will teach you about the art of building and growing your business and how to arm yourself with the knowledge to deliver trusted results to your clients. With over 30+ years in the health and fitness industry, the team at On Target Living will share and teach their proven system for becoming a seven-figure company in this competitive market.

This training is for health professionals, registered dietitians, yoga instructors, personal trainers, medical doctors, nurses, meeting professionals, benefits managers, chief learning officers, association education chairs or anyone looking to continue their education surrounding health and performance.

Upon completion of this training, all participants will be a certified as an On Target Living Ambassador and will be able to showcasenext to their credentials, along with receiving special pricing on educational resources and services. Our mission is to continue to transform the health and performance of humans one person at a time, and with your help and outreach, we can be an unstoppable team of influencers.