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In addition to all the benefits of Nordic Naturals Arctic Cod Liver Oil™, each serving of this fruit-flavored liquid also provides 1000 I.U. of vitamin D3, which surpasses the recommended daily value of vitamin D for adults and children over four years of age. Vitamin D3 (or cholecalciferol) is the natural form of vitamin D produced by the body, and is better absorbed and utilized than other forms.

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Kristen Brogan explains the benefits of Nordic Naturals cod liver oil

This omega 3 fat contains EPA & DHA all of which contributes to a healthy heart, brain, hormonal balance, and decreased inflammation. Cod Liver also helps to improve cellular function, energy, mood and aids in weight loss. Cod Liver Oil is also high in vitamin D, which is needed to absorb calcium.


Take 1-2 Tablespoons per day (1500-3000 mg of EPA/DHA per day)

Arctic Cod Liver Oil™ (CLO) has always been derived from 100% wild Arctic cod—no other fish oils or synthetic additives are ever used. The hallmark of achievement for Nordic Naturals is the uniqueness of the Arctic Cod Liver Oil, which is vertically integrated from boat to bottle. By managing every step of the supply chain, we ensure the exceptional quality, safety, and sustainability of our products. Our flavored Arctic Cod Liver Oil liquids are perfect for customers who don’t like to swallow pills, and they’re so tasty it’s hard to believe they’re from fish.  

History of Nordic Naturals- Revolutionizing Omega-3s Since 1995

In 1995, Joar Opheim introduced odor-free and taste-free fish oil to the United States. And with it this promise—that the power of omega-3s, made accessible to all, could change the world.

Today, from sunrise in Norway to nightfall in California, in 35 countries on 6 continents, people aren’t just talking about the power of omega-3s, they’re living it.

And we’re just getting started.

Family owned, Nordic Naturals has a broad, 150-year perspective. As we imagine a healthier future, we are guided by our “true north”— reverence for our rich traditions and heritage, coupled with deep respect for the latest research and technological advances.

This keeps us mindful of our impact on people and the planet, while inspiring us to innovate, to push boundaries, and to always do what’s right at any cost.

Our commitment? To make the world’s safest, most effective omega oils.

Our goal? Generations of healthier, happier people around the world.

Our time frame? As long as it takes.

Vision-Driven and Family-Owned Harnessing heart and soul to make the world a healthier place

Nordic Naturals was born in Arctic Norway where founder Joar Opheim grew up, and where fish oil is a part of everyday life.

“Growing up, I never knew anyone who didn’t take fish oil to stay healthy,” Joar recalls.

When he came to the U.S. to complete his MBA in the 1980s, he was astonished that he could not find the quality fish oil he had become accustomed to. Because he relied on fish oil to manage his old gymnastic injuries, he found himself bringing bottles from Norway—filling his suitcase on trips back and forth.

He began to realize that not only in the United States, but also all around the globe, there was a lack of high-quality fish oil. As a result, his personal mission emerged: He would bring the benefits and long-standing Norwegian tradition of high-quality omega-3s to the world.

Thanks to his vision, Nordic Naturals begins our manufacturing with the end in mind, carefully managing every step of the process in order to offer the highest quality fish oil on the planet.

Joar has helped to shape standards for an industry that had few guidelines in place. Today, Nordic Naturals is the #1 fish oil in the United States and a global leader in the omega-3 marketplace.

“In order to continue to bring our vision to fruition, Nordic Naturals will remain family owned,” Joar states. “The past 20 years has required deeply committed work from myself, my family, and our dedicated employees, and there is still more to do.”

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