Food Target

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On Target Living's FOOD TARGET [laminated].

The On Target Living name comes from our famous this famous Food Target. The Food Target is a simple to use tool showing you how to upgrade your eating choices to healthier and more flavorful foods.  The closer you get to the center—the healthier the foods will be.  We call these Superfoods.  The Food Target also shows you how to eat a balance of carbs, proteins, and fats because each one is essential to our health.
The Mini Food Target is broken down into beverages, condiments, and sweeteners/flavors that we think will help you make the most of your shopping, cooking, and eating experience.

Use the Food Target as your ultimate food guide.  Take it with you everywhere.  Share it with your family and friends.  It is a nice reminder that you can always make simple upgrades to better health with one small step at a time.

This laminated and durable Food Target is especially great to hang on the refrigerator to use as the perfect cooking inspiration. 

The back side of the Food Target includes our one of kind dynamic warm-up and foundation poses.  These simple exercises help to increase strength, balance, and flexibility while focusing on ideal posture for improved core strength and function.  These exercises will allow you to make the most of your workout routine.   Crunched for time? Start at #1 and work your way to #12 for a quick, efficient, and result driven full-body workout.

Check out the Dynamic Warm Up Video for a guided version of our famous Dynamic Warm-Up and Foundation Exercises.