Quantum Performance Training




Two days of content and day three Q & A and working on the plan of action!

Dates & Time (Pick option)

Option 1: Sept 29, 30 and Oct 1

Option 2: October 5, 6 and 7


Matthew Cross, Chris Johnson and Dr. Phil Nuernberger


Matthew Cross

Immunize Your Business: Survive+Thrive in Tough Times.
Master Chaos with the Eagle Strategy Process
Rise Above the Storm & Navigate Change with Power
ID & Leverage Your Unique Value
The First 15% Butterfly Effect
Set Yourself UP for Success with the AIM FAR Vector
The #1 Peak Health, Performance & Immunity Secret
Power Of Priorities: Sink, Swim or Soar
What’s NEW with YOU?  Dare to be Different/Better

Chris Johnson

Change your thoughts, change your beliefs, change your future!
The Gap between Knowing and Doing
Aging Well—Human Potential on Aging Well
Let Food Be Your Medicine—The Power of Food
Movement Mindset—warm-up, foundational exercises, cardio, strength training, play, restorative movements (hands on)
Decoding Your Health—taking more control over your health
Willpower vs Motivation

Dr. Phil Nuernberger

Simple steps for emotional balance and mental clarity
Understanding the source of emotional disturbances; and he simple step for  freeing yourself from negative feelings.
Steps to a powerful will (determination)
Accessing your inner wisdom and true conscience; Exploring your life purpose/destiny:
Mindfulness and meditation: The hows and whys for meditation

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