The System



 It’s time to LIVE ON TARGET

What if you felt amazing everyday? What if you knew how to take control of your health? What would it mean to you to have more FOCUS | ENERGY | DRIVE? It’s TIME to take action and learn the strategies, tactics and thinking that will make feeling and looking your best easier then you ever thought possible...introducing THE SYSTEM by On Target Living.

Join Chris Johnson, Matt Johnson and Kristen Johnson as they walk you through this magical 21-step audio program that was designed to help you achieve the health of your dreams. Over the last 30 years On TargetLiving has been changing how people look and take action on their health. And now you can be a part of this from the palm of your hand. We have all become accustomed to the endless diets and weight loss programs over the last many years that never work or last. Let’s put an end to that now, we promise this is finally a program that will stick and give you the results you want. Many people will buy THE SYSTEM in pursuit of weight loss, which is fantastic, but you will find it is so much more—greater health, focus, energy, stamina, sleep, fitness, mood and confidence. We call this optimal health. Get ready, buckle up and enjoy THE SYSTEM. Your optimal health is waiting.


  • Lifestyle Focused
  • Feel Amazing
  • Age Well
  • Have a Plan
  • Family Health
  • Prevent Health Risks


  • 21 Step Audio: Over 7 hours of audio
  • SYSTEM Manual
  • On Target Living Book
  • Target to Table Cookbook
  • Electronic Fitness System
  • Food Target
  • Guided Meditation

*Plus: 24/7 customer support